What do edits and revisions have to do with organizing?

Hi Readers,

Don’t you get chills when you realize something you loved to do in the past has a direct role in your life right now? Nothing lights me up like seeing a larger connection come together, and realizing I’ve been on a path that was meant to be.

On Wednesday last week, over chicken pot pie and wine with one of my oldest friends, I had one of those light bulb moments. I helped her purge her bedroom last April for her 40th birthday. As she reflected on the experience, she told me my writing process directly inspires my organizing process.“Food for thought” she said, in that calm, wise way of hers. Hello, chills!

This sparkle of truth came right as I was working on the vision for my business and blog going into 2019, and I realized that she was right. My work as an English professor, Writing Director, and writer have absolutely shaped and inspired my work as an organizer.

What I love most about organizing spaces, and streamlining routines is the process of editing, revising, and composing the story of a space, and a life. When we edit out the things that don’t serve us, and we revise our routines to give us more of the time we crave, then we invite more love into our spaces, and into our life stories.

So I re-wrote my tagline. “Make space for what you love,” is now, “Revise your routine. Edit your room. Love your story.” I sent it to my friend, Natalie, and she agreed it was the one.

Look out for all new services, and blog posts on these topics! And, stay tuned on Thursday for an in depth story of my friend Natalie’s bedroom transformation and how it changed her narrative. She may or may not have found love after four years!

It’s one you won’t want to miss!

Until next time,

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