This Month’s Focus: Purpose and Goal Setting

I like to go where my energy takes me. But a few weeks ago, my energy was sapped and I wasn’t sure what to do next. So, I did the thing I sometimes do but don’t like to admit. I clicked around my phone, opening apps until I found something that made me feel better. There are many times when I end up feeling even worse, such as when I see someone’s perfect home on Pinterest, or an amazingly complicated meal someone made, or an exotic vacation someone was able to take with small children.

Rarely, am I led to my next project. But that day, I got an email from Jessie Fearon’s financial blog, recommending the new planner from a blog I’d never heard of: Living Well Spending Less. I decided to follow the link see what it was all about. Nothing has me at “hello” like a new planner! I love the possibilities I feel when I flip through the empty pages; it almost makes me feel like I’ve been handed extra time. And, in a way, I have. When I plan my time better, I have some leftover to do something I love.

Opening this email not only changed my day, but it set my focus for this month: Purpose and Goal Setting. Because in order to use the new planner, it asks you to set some specific goals for the year. It even offers exercises to do while you wait for your planner to arrive. I love that! How many times have I purchased a planner only to be paralyzed by its newness and unsure of what I want to prioritize? Many, many times. So I started with the first exercise, the free Goal Setting Workbook, and told a friend who said she’d like to do it along with me. We’ve set a date to discuss our goals over a glass of wine. In the meantime, here’s what I’ll be exploring this month:

  1. How do we find and set our purpose in order to set goals that matter to us?
  2. How do we get over the fear of not being special and instead use it as momentum?
  3. Why celebrating wins is important to staying on track, and some inspiration for how to celebrate!
  4. How do we set hopeful goals in a world that can seem so dark?
  5. My favorite goal setting inspirations and tools this month.
  6. Are goal setting groups the new book club? How to make goal setting and tracking social.

I’m really excited to explore these ideas and set my goals before fall, when my oldest will start kindergarten (gasp!). And, I’d love to work with you on goal setting in your own life. Check back daily for free resources, get in touch if you would like to set up a goal setting consultation through my business, Organized By Heart, and join me in my month of goal setting!

Xo, L

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