The Paper Tamer

This week, I’m sharing my favorite way to keep my desk tidy: The Paper Tamer!

Why is paper so overwhelming?

Even though our world is more digital than ever, in my own home and my work with clients paper is still ever present. We’re overwhelmed because we have receipts, coupons, mail, magazines, catalogues, voting and political pamphlets, to-do lists, and more coming into our homes every day! It all seems important somehow, or it could be, so it gives us decision fatigue. So we just set it there, and promise to get to it later. Right? This is why in the home office it usually ends up all over the desk! Let’s get it organized, shall we? Here are some ideas for how to tame it:

Choose Your Paper Tamer: 

I like to use a $7 accordion file to organize all my paperwork for the month. You could use also use a shoebox with dividers cut to size– that’s what my mom did when I was a kid. The main thing is to choose a container to give your paper a home specific to it’s category right from the start! This will make it easier to put away, and easier to find. Best of all, it will prevent piles from forming.

Identify your most common paper:

Write down your most common types of paper and use these to label your divider tabs. Take my upcoming course how to organize your work + learn space to find out all about how I do a post-it paper sort and more helpful home office strategies! You can Register here.  

Pick a day to process paper:

File your paper away all month by category and process it just once! Pay your bills, recycle what you no longer need, and file away anything you have to keep in a long term file system.

Separate work and home paperwork:

I like to use two small accordion files: one for my business papers and one for our family. That way, I keep them from getting jumbled and can easily find what I need come tax time.

Take your paper tamer with you!

I love this monthly filing method because it’s portable. I can take it with me to my outdoor coffee spot, carry it easily to different rooms in my house (I like to follow the sun!) and you can even tuck it in a kitchen cupboard if you don’t have a designated office.

I hope this office organizing strategy helps you keep your desk tidy!

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