The Kindergarten Classroom Model of Organization

One of the most effective ways to organize any space whether it’s a closet, a drawer, or even an entire room, is to use The Kindergarten Classroom Model of Organization. Since we’re all in back-to-school mode, I thought it would be a perfect time to share this fun concept that comes from one of my favorite pro organizers, Julie Morgenstern!

What is the Kindergarten Classroom Model?

You likely haven’t been in a kindergarten classroom in awhile, so take a moment and think about what you remember about this type of space. I immediately flashed back to my kindergarten teacher, whom I didn’t particularly like! When I moved beyond that, I remembered that there was a painting area, a kitchen with toys, a place to sit and read, and more. Everything was organized into activity zones, with the supplies needed to do an activity and store it when done. This concept of dividing the spaces in your home into activity zones, is the kindergarten classroom model of organization! Here’s how you might apply it in your home:

Zone your home office + remote learning space:

When remote learning started, we decided to zone our home office to include a classroom space. I used each wall to designate a zone.

  1. My office (desk, printer, files, and inspiration)
  2. Activity bins/play space (Shelf with bins of building toys and more to use for choice time)
  3. Classroom (desk with supplies and wall infographics)
  4. Library (two bookshelves)

Each of these walls has everything needed to do the activity associated with it, and it’s easy to put things away when we’re done.

Zone your closet:

We live in a 1940’s home with really small closets, so I have to make the most of them. On the main floor, we just have one tiny closet to use for linens. Here’s how I’ve organized our linen closet by zone:

  1. Sheet sets
  2. Supplies like toilet paper and paper towels
  3. Medicines
  4. Cleaners
  5. Hamper

You might be wondering how I can fit all of that in a tiny closet! My secret is I also use the door and the floor as zones. Here’s how I do it: use the vertical space in your closet by hanging a shoe rack on the back of the door and use the slots to organize cleaners. The unused floor space is the perfect home for a hamper the whole family can toss their laundry in at the end of the day. Zoning every area in this tiny closet has made a huge difference! If you have small kids who could get into the cleaners, remember t0 keep them out of reach!

Zone a drawer:

For a catch-all drawer in the kitchen try the following zones:

  1. Going out: Keys, wallets, sunglasses
  2. Fixing: Small tools: screwdriver, scissors
  3. To do: Post it with pens

Zone with bins:

I set up supply bins for my kids to use for their school activities. They have one for coloring, one for painting, and one for school basics. That way they can take these activities to the table and they’ll have everything they need for their project.

I hope the Kindergarten Classroom Model helps you think of new possibilities for organizing your home this week!

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