The Fall 13: A Bucket List

My cousin Kendall keeps a bucket list for each season. How genius is that? As soon as I heard this idea, I started dreaming of my own fall bucket list. I always go into each new season hopeful, and with a sense of what I would love to do, but too often the months fly by without most of it happening.  The goal setting exercises I explored this summer made me realize that writing things down stamps them on my heart. It also helps me put them on my calendar so they actually happen!

Here’s my fall bucket list:

  • Learn to make my Dad’s classic pot-roast
  • Write someone I love a letter
  • Buy a special candle for my morning writing sessions
  • Have our first-ever fire in the fireplace
  • Make a pot of borscht soup from the beets in my garden
  • Create a fall music playlist
  • Drink a gingerbread latte from Gretchen’s and read a good book
  • Bake my favorite buttery pumpkin muffins
  • Plant fall bulbs in the front and backyard to commemorate my aunt Bonnie
  • Go to the Jubilee Farms fall festival with my family
  • Take the boys on a nature walk and collect fall treasures
  • Attend a PNW ballet performance with Connor
  • Rake the leaves and let the boys jump in!

Since fall is 13 weeks long, I decided edit it to 13 items. That way, I can do one thing each week and really savor it. What’s on your fall bucket list?


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