Small Bathroom Organization Makeover

We just gave our small bathroom some updates that helped maximize storage space, and made it feel cheery and clean. See today’s post for our small bathroom organization makeover!

#1 We swapped our pedestal sink for a vanity

The new vanity gives us much needed storage under the sink for toilet paper, feminine supplies, and towels. Before, we had to store these necessities in our nearby closet. Although it’s the same size as our pedestal sink, it does take up more visual space in the room. I think it’s worth it!

#2 We got a bigger (and nicer) medicine cabinet

The new medicine cabinet has a few pluses: it looks like a piece of decor, and warms up the look of the all white bathroom. It also provides more storage for the things that make our morning and nightly routines easier: face cream, vitamins, and dental supplies. I like that these can all be tucked away rather than out on the sink. The door opens on the lefthand side, which means the boys can access their things easily while standing on the toilet seat as a step stool. Our old one opened to the wrong side! This simple thing really changes the flow in our space.

#3 I updated our bath toy storage with these corner bins

Now I don’t bang my shins when I’m shaving my legs!

Shop this look: Medicine cabinet is from West Elm, Bath toy bins are from Target, and the shower curtain is from Target’s Room Essentials line.




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