Ready for Anything:  Pack Your Say-Yes-to-Summer Go Bags!

Summer is finally here! For me summer evokes lazy mornings sleeping in and sipping coffee on my deck while the kids play with the hose, watermelon popsicles in the afternoon, and the scent of fresh cut grass and chlorine. It also means saying yes to just about anything that sounds fun! However, getting ready to go out with two kids can sometimes make me so exhausted and stressed that by the time I get to where we are going, I have to just sit and recover for a minute!

I’ve learned that in order to say yes to those spontaneous park and pool meet-ups, it helps me to have some things packed and ready to go so we can be ready for anything!

Here’s how I like to set up my Say-Yes-to-Summer Go Bags:

Gym Bag:
Mama needs her workout. Some days, it’s the only “me” time I get in the summer. If I keep my bag packed, then I can squeeze in a workout before my kids’ swimming lessons or head there directly after. You know how it goes—if you have to stop back at home to get your gym stuff, you’re probably not going. You can read all about how I pack my gym bag here.

Swim Bag:
I’m the mom who signed her kids up for swimming every single day for the first three weeks of summer! Luckily, they seem to love it as much as I love sitting in the grass by the pool chatting with my friends. In order to deal with less of a morning frenzy, and avoid reliving the time I forgot to pack towels (Yikes!), I now repack my swim bag each evening, just like a lunch. I discovered that if I make a swim stack with a towel on the bottom, swim-shirt, swim-suit and then use the goggles to hold it all together, it makes it so much easier! This way I can just hand each kid their stack and they have what they need. No more digging through my bag looking for the correct pair of goggles while my kid is screaming. I toss in some spray sunscreen, and we’re ready to roll! If I’m going to the beach I bring water wings for my youngest.

Picnic/Park Bag:
My Eastern Washington roots mean I love a good picnic. Eating on a paper plate in the grass is just so much more fun and special than eating anywhere else, don’t you agree? For this reason, I love having an old-school soft cooler. I picked it up from Rite Aid, and I like to load the top drink compartment with paper plates, plastic forks, and napkins so I always have those ready. Then I attach the handle of my blanket strap to the handle of my cooler. If my kids want to have a picnic, we can grab it, throw in some ice packs and food, and go!

Snack/Supply Kit:
If you’ve ever been the mom who just braved the dirty park bathroom with two kids, one of whom touched the toilet and the garbage can, and then discovered the soap dispenser is empty, or the mom who remembered to pack everything except a snack or water, then you, my friend, are not alone! In order to avoid these little snafus, I learned it works wonders to keep a kit in the car with snacks, water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and band-aids. I keep them in the back of my car in a compartment under the trunk space so they aren’t in the direct sun.

How do you like to prep for summer fun? I’d love to hear your ideas! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends!

With Heart,

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