Playroom Decluttering + Organizing Tips:

This week, I’m sharing my best playroom decluttering + organizing tips! My goal is to make it easy for my kids to find their toys and clean up after themselves when they are done, which means less nagging and more time for us to play.

Get them involved

After we all had a snack, I asked my kids to help me go through the toys in the playroom. This looked a lot like them playing with all the toys, and getting super excited about those they’d forgotten. That’s ok. While they played happily, I sorted their toys into categories, connected with them about their day, and asked them which toys they wanted to donate. Because they were reminded of all the fun stuff they had, it made it easy to decide which toys they no longer cared about keeping. I popped the cast-offs into a bin, and off they went.

A Word on Sorting

Sorting all the toys also helped us to see how many toys were in each group, so we could select the right bins from those we already had, and it made it possible to donate many toys in their complete sets.

Create Visual Labels

Labels help create boundaries and designations for groups of toys. One of my kids can read, but the other is still learning. In order to make it easy for them both to put their toys away, and keep them sorted into categories, I had them choose pictographs on my label maker for each bin of toys. They loved choosing a symbol to go with each one and using “mommy’s cool machine.” As an alternative, you can also print out images online, and use double sided tape to adhere them, or you could go the extra mile and get them laminated and attach Velcro to the label and the corresponding bin. Also play around with where you put the labels. It might work best to label the cabinet space, the front of the drawer, or the bin itself.

playroom decluttering and organizing tips

Here, I’ve put the labels on the bins, because these bins can fit into multiple cabinets in our playroom.

playroom decluttering + organizing tips

In this case, I labeled the drawer itself. I want my kids to put the toys back into this drawer specifically, and eliminate the need for a bin.

Remove the lids

Lids make it harder for kids to put things away. Make it easy by leaving off the lids. This way, your kids can toss in their toys without a fuss.

Donate Thoughtfully

As a bonus, I donated some of our toy sets to the gym childcare center we go to regularly. This means my boys can still see those toys if they miss them, and the care center gets some new things!

I hope these playroom decluttering + organizing ideas are just the thing to make your week with the kiddos easier and more fun!

Here’s a picture of our newly organized playroom:

playroom decluttering and organizing tips

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