Quote of the Week

Three years ago, when I was a stay at home mom trying to figure out how to honor my dream of writing a novel while also being an involved parent, Julie Morgenstern’s book, Organizing from the Inside Out, taught me how to make that dream possible. I set up a space that spoke to me, using what I had, and started writing my manuscript during my kids naps. In that short window each day I wrote nearly 150 pages of my novel!

My kids no longer nap, and they are home all day during the pandemic, but I still try to find an hour a day to write. It’s what allows me to write a blog post every week, and a monthly column in a local magazine.

I used to be intimidated by organizing because I thought I could never achieve those perfect polished photos I saw on social media. But I learned that there’s another approach to organizing that doesn’t have to make you feel bad, or less than, or like you have to go out and buy new furniture or change your career. It’s organizing your time and space based on what you LOVE, what you want to DO, who you want to BE.

Our spaces should support our dreams and our hearts, don’t you think? I do! It’s what motivated me to become an organizer and start a business to help others achieve their biggest goals too.

What do you dream of doing? How do you think organization could help?

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