Organize Your Wardrobe to Feel Good

I’m not dressing up much these days, is anyone? But I’m still craving the joy of color, fabrics, and textures my clothes make me feel. This week, I decided to organize my wardrobe for no other reason than that it makes me feel good! Organizing gives me a boost and helps me feel the abundance that I crave, especially during times of stress.

Here’s a picture of my newly organized closet

organize your wardrobe to feel good

Right now, when every other room in the house is occupied by my family and their stuff, I can just walk into my bedroom and open the door to my bright and cute closet. It’s my equivalent of the Calgon take me away commercials from the 90’s.

So here’s what I did:

Use your vertical space

I decided to finally try a hanging shoe rack for–wait for it–shoes! Goodness knows I’ve used this type of organizer for everything from cleaning supplies to kids toys to office supplies. Turns out it works wonders in each of those ways, and it also works for its original purpose too!

For good measure, I decided to toss in my sunglasses, because seeing sunglasses when I open my closet puts a little spring in my step. I can almost imagine the getaway to Palm Springs I’ll take when this pandemic ends. You’ll find me reading by the pool and ordering a large, slushy margarita with hot pink umbrellas.

Create a Second Row

Organize your wardrobe to feel good

I rarely purchase new organizing devices, because I like to repurpose, but this hanging bar has transformed my closet! It was completely worth it. I like it because it allows me to have a lower bar for my pants and skirts, but it also leaves space on the side for my dresses and jumpsuits to hang freely. All you have to do is hang it from your upper bar!

Contain Accessories

organize your wardrobe to feel good

These adorable wire baskets are great for ribbon spools, kids bath toys, but they also work well to contain scarves, belts, and hats so they stay visible and look cute too! Before, I had these hanging in my closet and they kept getting tangled and forgotten. Don’t forget to add labels!

File it

organize your wardrobe to feel good

Did you know you can use a filer for paper, coloring books, actual files, and also PURSES! This news makes me so happy I could scream. It was a the most fun I’ve ever had filing in my life.

Color Code

Organize your wardrobe to feel good

I like to organize my clothes by type, and then use colored hangers for each type! Pants on purple, tops on pink, and dresses and jumpsuits on black. This also helps me with the one in one out rule. There are only a certain number of hangers for each type of item.

Style it

Have fun when organizing your closet, and arrange the items and colors in a way that looks good to you. As you can see, pink and yellow are the colors in my wardrobe that really pop, so I highlighted those by putting pink and yellow clothing and accessories near each other and choosing bins in a coordinating color. Not a must, but icing on the cake for sure. Above all, do what makes you feel good.

With heart,


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