Re-purpose a Birch Box for organizing and more!

Covid has made me shop online more than ever before, and it’s also left me with a few new organizing projects.  Can you relate?The problem is, it’s hard to get out to buy new containers and bins right now, and those boxes are becoming their own kind of clutter! It’s re-inspired me to use them to get organized! One type of box that called to me recently were Birch Boxes. My mom gifted me with this monthly subscription, which comes with all kinds of fun beauty products. The boxes are so adorable, I couldn’t bear to recycle them! Here are some fun ways to re-purpose a Birch Box for your next organizing project. If you like the look, try wrapping another type of shipping box with some fun wrapping paper to get a similar look.


These are the perfect size to keep my toiletries organized in a drawer. I use them for perfume, eye make-up, and lipsticks. It’s a pretty pop when I open my drawer and it gives my things boundaries.


Try a box for colored pencils, rubber stamps, or pens. Use a bigger box to contain a whole craft project! It feels like a gift every time I open it!

Hair accessories:

Ever feel like you can’t find a hair tie when you need it? This can mean the difference between going for that run or deciding to skip it. I like to use a box to give my hair ties and headbands a home in the same spot where I keep my workout clothes. That way I can grab and go and there are no excuses!

Daily ritual:

Want to start a gratitude practice, or another daily ritual? Designating and decorating a box for this purpose can act as a daily reminder and make it feel special. I used this Birch Box for a gratitude practice one year. Each day, my family wrote something they were grateful for and we shared these over dinner. Check out that Special Thanksgiving Post here!

How do you like to re-purpose boxes? Share your answer in the comments!



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