Organize a Remote Learning Space at Home

Kids at home? Wondering how to Organize a Remote Learning Space at Home? Look no further! As a professional organizer, former teacher, and mom, I’ve got some things to try! But first, here’s a look at our space:

Organize a remote learning space at home

This year, both of my boys are learning remotely. One just started kindergarten and the other is in second grade. I know from my teaching experience, that having a designated space for learning is important. It sends the signal that it’s time to get down to business, helps kids access and put away supplies easily, and makes them feel inspired. Like many of you, I wanted to create this space for my kids, but we don’t have a lot of room in our home. So I took one wall of our home office space and designated it for learning. If you’re short on space, but want to create a place for remote learning in your home, try this:

Start with the desk

I suggest placing this against the wall first, and then designing around it. When choosing a desk, make sure it’s the right size for your kids. I noticed mine were having trouble writing at our large dining room table. It was too high for them, so they were dreading writing assignments! When creating our classroom space, I decided to order a table that’s just their size and it’s made a huge difference already.

Choose double duty decor

My kids begged for “one of those old-fashioned clocks, Mom!” So, I purchased an analog clock that was both functional for helping them practice telling time, and super cute in our space! Because they love to display artwork, and I wanted space to display things like a schedule and a school blessing, I used clipboards so we can easily change up what’s on display. Next, I gathered a map poster we already had from a magazine, and a pocket calendar they could interact with each morning. Last, we choose brightly colored informational placemats for their table—both to protect the surface and inspire.

Remember the 2 P’s

Keep things Portable, and easy to Put-away. On their table is a bin with everything they need to do their assignments. I divided it up with mason jars for supply categories. In a closet nearby, I also grouped supplies for activities like painting and coloring. They can get these out easily and put them away.

Organize a remote learning space at home

Good luck as you create your school space! This year won’t be easy, but we’ll get through it one step at a time.

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