Organize a Household Supply Closet & Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring cleaning always takes my mind off my worries and makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. What better time to do it than when you’re stuck at home avoiding the current COVID-19 pandemic? Get the whole family involved by organizing a household supply closet in a central area of your home. Here’s how we transformed this small closet:

organize a household supply closet and make spring cleaning easier

Try a hack

Use a hanging shoe rack to organize cleaning supplies to maximize vertical space and keep them from getting jumbled.

Corral laundry

Add a laundry hamper to create a central place for dirty clothes near the bedrooms.

Create a system

Numbered bins make categories easy to designate and remember. Try one for linens, kids linens, Rx, and toiletries.

Think outside the bin

Leaving paper goods out in the open keeps their supply levels visible. Stack products neatly for a tidy look.

Safety note

If you have young kids, put a sliding lock on any closet that contains cleaners or medicines.

This post appeared in the March issue of Northeast Seattle Living Magazine

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