Nightstand Organization for Restful Sleep

Our nightstand is the last thing we see each night, so why not make it extra calm and peaceful? Today I’ll show you a nightstand organization for more restful sleep. It’s just the thing to make your bedroom feel more relaxing and send you off to bed happy.

Last week, I got an email from a client who wanted to know the best way to organize her own nightstand. She was organizing her master bedroom, and she wanted to know how to set up her two-drawer nightstand so it would be more restful. I thought it was a great question that would make a fun blog topic.

Nightstands are really personal spaces, but there are a few calming ways I like to organize a nightstand that anyone can apply. Best of all, it is a quick project with a huge payoff.

Step 1: Clear the Surface

When you go to bed, you’ll feel calmer if your nightstand surface is clear. I like a coaster, a water glass, and a lamp. That’s it! If your night stand doesn’t have drawers, and the only space to put things is on the surface, then choose very wisely what you put there and try to keep it as minimal as possible.

Step 2: Pair Down the Books

Start with the book you are currently reading, along with a devotional, Bible, or other inspirational text, and maybe the book you want to read next. If you get too many stacked up it can be distracting and overwhelming. Save the rest of your books for your bookshelf. I’ve noticed that choosing what to put on my nightstand shelf really forces me to get clear on what it is I want to read that month, and stick with it. It also encourages me to curl up with my book at the end of the day, which helps me sleep better. Don’t forget a spot for your reading glasses!

Step 3: Set-up a Charging Station

Set-up a charging station. Mine had a hole drilled for a chord already, so one day I put a power strip inside and now I have a place to charge my phone and Ipad without any chords showing. Because it’s inside, I also don’t see any light from these devices, they are charged for the next day, and I can easily hear my alarm in the morning. Win-Win! You could also store your remote inside, if you have a TV in your room.

Step 4: Create a Self-Care Basket

Think night cream, ear plugs, a sleeping mask, and your favorite chapstick and hand lotion. Having these close to your bed means you won’t have to get up to grab them, and it also makes it easier to remember to put them on each night. I also like to tuck in a little lavender linen spray with natural essential oils, so my pillow cases smell like a summer night on Vashon Island.

I hope this little project brings you joy and a deep rest tonight. And, if you have an organizing question for me, please reach out! It just might be my next blog post.

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With Heart,

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