Mason Jar Hostess Gifts 3 Ways

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to get ready for a holiday party was don a sparkly sweater? Instead, my night usually goes more like this:

It’s six p.m. and the sitter I lovingly refer to as “the free people model” has just arrived. If only I looked that effortlessly glamorous! I haven’t decided what to wear, so I’m wearing my bathrobe and making Mac n’ Cheese. My husband is somewhere watching basketball, and my kids are at the neighbor’s house. I have 10 minutes to get the kids home for dinner, figure out something cute to wear, and coax my husband away from the Huskies. I’d also love to get a thoughtful hostess gift on the way to the party. I could swing by Met Market, and see if something jumps out at me, but then I’ll be late. Sound familiar?

This year, I’m taking a new approach. With the theme of make ahead meals in mind, I decided to create make ahead hostess gifts. I’m hoping it will help with the holiday party overwhelm as well as the coworker gifting dilemma. My goal is that you should be able to get all the supplies online, and whip up 12 of these puppies in under an hour. Stow them in your coat closet, and pop one in your Marc Jacobs purse on the way out the door! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my little boy Max would say.

Here’s the line-up:

1: Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globe
Total cost: $6 per jar

Years ago, a girlfriend of one of my husband’s friends gave me this DIY gift. Of the hostess gifts I’ve received over the years, it’s my all time favorite. I love this simple twist on classic. Anthropologie also made a similar version a few years ago!

Directions to make 12: You’ll need 12 32 oz. wide mouth Mason Jars, 12 4.5 inch bottle brush sisal trees, a glue gun, and 1 package of snow flakes. Glue the base of the sisal trees to the jar lids with glue gun, fill the jars 1/4 way with snow flakes, screw on the lid and tie with a ribbon and tag.

2. Peppermint Sugar Hand Scrub
Total cost: $2.50 per jar

I love this hand scrub I found a few years ago in Real Simple Magazine. It feels amazing between your fingers, and it will leave your hands baby smooth after those gift wrapping marathons. It is also all natural, and uses ingredients from the pantry. This would make a great hostess gift for the woman who likely spent hours cooking and cleaning before her big event.

Directions for 12 4oz jars of scrub: Mix 2 cups of slightly warmed coconut oil with 4 cups sugar. Drop in 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix well, and put in a jar. Tip for Seattlelites: The leftover jars from Hot Cakes make great containers for this! I love the red lids for Christmas. Could there be a better excuse to eat molten chocolate lava cake? I also saw that you can order red lids online to use with Mason Jars you already have on hand.

3. Dreamy Peppermint Bath Soak
Total cost: $2.00 per jar

This is the same recipe I used in my remedy station post, but with peppermint essential oil instead of lavender.

Directions for 12 16 oz jars: Buy an 8 lb. and 4 lb. bag of pure Epsom salt (Brands like Dr. Teal’s contain perfumes, so avoid those). Distribute it between the jars, add 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil to each jar, close the jar lids and shake well.

To make the jars extra pretty, download my free bath soak and sugar scrub printable jar labels, and tie them with this ribbon. For the snow globes, this tag and twine combo would be fun.

Happy Gifting,

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