Quote of the Week

With so many differing views of what it means to eat healthy, making meals can feel overwhelming! I love Pollan’s minimalist food philosophy, and I continually come back to this mantra because it grounds me in simplicity.

When I taught English 102, the course topic I choose was The Politics of Eating in America. The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan, was on my list of required reading.

Recently, I’ve started to work with clients to help them meal plan and get organized to cook healthy family meals. It’s interesting how this love of food has influenced my work in so many seasons of my life.

This week on my blog, I’m sharing my meal plan worksheet and how it helps me eat healthy and save time every single day. You can find a link to my blog in my profile.

What’s your food philosophy? Post your answer in the comments!

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