Introducing the New OBH Website and Blog!

This week, I’m unveiling a project that has been in the works all summer long:  Organized By Heart’s new website and blog! I think I just heard choir music and saw lights shining down when I wrote that. I’m that excited. You see, this has been something I’ve dreamed of investing in for a long time, but I couldn’t justify it until I had made some profits from my business.

In the beginning, I only had a few hundred dollars and the basic skills to create my own website using Wix, so that’s what I did. I used the same philosophy starting my business that has served me so well when organizing:  use what you have, work with your budget, and focus on making progress rather than on achieving perfection. That mindset kept me going.

If I had made starting my blog and business all about an expensive website, then I never would have started at all. I knew it was about more than that:  I had to find clients, I had to do a great job with them, and I had to blog every single week— no matter what. I reasoned that I could do all that with a basic website, and I was right!

Achieving those goals was a big deal for me. I tend to like quick rewards, and I sometimes procrastinate until I know I can do something perfectly. I have to talk myself into moving forward and forgetting about perfection every single day.

Luckily, plodding ahead with what I had, and waiting until I had enough profits to hire a web designer worked out for the best. I now know who I am as an organizer, the unique value I bring, and the categories I write about most on my blog. This year of blogging and working with clients has taught me so much! It is with this experience that I was able to create what I hope is a user-friendly blog and website with a clear value and vision.

So, without further ado, here’s what you’ll find on my new blog!

  • Every Wednesday you’ll receive a new and improved newsletter with my latest post. The sender name you’ll see is: Organized By Heart. Please save it in your contacts so it doesn’t fall into your spam folder.
  • new tagline: Time + Space for What You Love.
  • Color coded blog categories: Organizing, Productivity, Motivation, and Lifestyle inspirations. Just click on a category and it will take you to all the blogs on that topic!
  • search function in the sidebar, so you can easily find posts on topics that interest you.
  • post archive in the sidebar so you can easily find past posts you want to revisit and share with friends.
  • A feed with my latest posts, which have color coding and wording to signal the category.
  • sidebar where you can read about me, and my blog mission.
  • An easy subscribe box, so if you recommend my blog to others (please do!), people can subscribe to receive it easily.
  • comment box right below each post so you can easily comment on the posts— I would love it if you would comment on my posts with your ideas and feedback!
  • A “You’ll Also Love” section below each blog post, so you can read related posts.
  • OBH (Organized By Heart) Reader Favorites, which shows my most read posts.
  • Follow buttons in the footer where you can follow my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages, as well as my email if you want to reach out. I’d love to hear from you and follow you as well!

Here’s what you’ll find on my new website!

  • homepage that features the value I bring to clients.
  • An about page with a clear mission, core values, method, and background statement.
  • services page that has my hourly rate, types of services I provide, an estimate of how long they usually take, as well as a list of specialty services.
  • hire page where you can book a session with me.
  • Client testimonials on every page.
  • My new and improved blog, just for you!

I hope you will take a tour of Organized By Heart’s new website and blog, and let me know what you think! I created it with my readers and clients in mind, and I hope it makes your experience engaging with my blog and business even better. Please share it with friends. Your referrals make all the difference!

With Heart,

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