How to Get the Home Edit Look Using What You Have

The Home Edit is all the rage in the field of organization right now, but I’m a little conflicted about how feel about their style. Do you feel that way too? Today, I’ll share how to get the Home Edit Look using what you have.

First, what I love about The Home Edit:

They bring order to spaces, focus on organizing for different seasons of life, and highlight color. The spaces they organize look fun, clean, and dreamy. I love the pretty handwritten fonts they use for labeling.

What I don’t love about The Home Edit:

There’s a big focus on buying things and merchandising possessions, and all the spaces look the same: new construction that is bright white—not everyone has a home like that! Not everyone can afford all new storage systems and containers. So today, I thought I’d share some ways to bring this look to your space, using what you have, without buying anything new!

Here’s how to get the Home Edit, but on your terms

Define your goal:

What season of life, or interest, is motivating you to organize? Do you want to get organized for home school, holiday gift wrapping, or a new puppy? Having a goal in mind will help you gather the right items for that space, plan it, and decide where it should go in your home. It will also help you get excited to prepare for that new life milestone with the right organization.

Sort by color:

If you love the rainbow colorful look of the Home Edit like I do, try sorting the items you want to organize by color as well as by type. When you put them away, set them up in order of the rainbow. (One caveat: don’t get too crazy sorting all the kids Legos by color, for example. You’ll go insane trying to keep them that way and it will take some of the discovery away from their play).

Use clear containers:

You don’t have to go far to find clear containers in the house. Jars, water glasses, ramekins and Tupperware all do the trick to organize any size space. Try out what you have first, and if you like the look and the layout (but you miss your ramekin), you can spring for new containers later if you like. Clear containers make it possible to show off all that color and see what you have at a glance!

Get the handwritten label look:

Those handwritten labels look so dreamy! If you don’t have perfectly consistent cursive handwriting (who does?) find a cursive font you like either on your computer, Canva (a free design program I love), or font book. The font Playlist Script looks very similar to the Home Edit style. Print out your labels, cut them out, and tape the label inside your clear jar or container. Then, using a sharpie (they often use white), trace the label onto your container. Remove the label on the inside, and Voila! you have the Home Edit label look!

Try white contact paper:

If you like the clean white shelving look, but yours are natural wood or getting a little dingey, you can make them over with some inexpensive white contact paper. Wrap it all the way around each shelf for a refreshed look or use it to refresh drawers or cabinets.

If you use these tips to makeover your space, send me a photo! I’d love to see your space!










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