How to Create a Gift Wrap Station in a Closet

Is gift-giving your love language? Have you ever dreamed of having a designated place to wrap and store gifts? Then you’ve come to the right place. This post will show you how to create a gift wrap station in your closet, using containers you likely already have!

How to Create a Gift Wrap Station in a Closet

Earlier this year, I created a gift wrap station for my mother in law, Diane. She is one of the most thoughtful gift givers I know, and her gift wrapping supplies were overwhelming her art room. When I suggested turning a basement storage closet into a wrapping station, she didn’t think she had the space at first. However, when she started going through things, she discovered most of the items in the closet could be donated or stored elsewhere.

Together, we eliminated what wasn’t needed in the closet and set up a wrapping station using furniture and supplies Diane already had. From start to finish, it took about six hours.

Here are some pictures of this project:

The Closet Before

Note: keep an eye on that black wire basket in this picture

The Closet After:

What we used and how we did it

We used a folding chair, which can be tucked away when Diane wants to close the closet doors. Diane was also happy to put a favorite red table to use, as well as the”Be Present” print that she’d been saving.

A clean trash can makes great wrapping paper storage. I also like the easy access storage which allows Diane to get things out and put them away without fussing with a lid.

I used pretty bowls Diane had on hand to store tape, clips, and gift tags she likes for gift wrapping.

I repurposed the wire basket for a ribbon and Washi tape holder. To do this, I took dowel rods from some unused pants hangers and put them through the basket, then I mounted the basket on the wall with picture frame hangers. Diane loves it, and so do I.

Diane’s top gift-giving tips!

Because gift giving often overwhelms me, I asked Diane for her top 3 gift giving tips. Here they are:

  1. Buy and wrap gifts early, so your events can just be about celebrations.
  2. Think of gifts that resonate with who you are. She suggested that I buy everyone a book because I’m always reading and recommending books to people. I love this idea!
  3. Gift experiences along with a heartfelt card.

Now, I’m on to my next project! If you liked reading this post, please share it. Want help setting up a gift wrapping station in your home? Get in touch! I’d love to work with you! To purchase a “Be Present” print for your own wrapping closet, you can find one here. You can also find all my closet organizing posts here!

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