Home Office Organizing

Good morning, Everyone! This week I’m working on two home office projects for clients and I’m so excited to transform their work spaces to empower and support them in their endeavors.

One office is for a retiree who shares the space with her husband. It is a sun-filled nook off the kitchen where they want to manage their finances, plan amazing travel adventures and home projects, work on print-making, and draw architectural plans. For them it is not just a work space, but a dream space. After years of use, it needs re-organizing and re-thinking to fully support their vision.

My next client wants to transform his current home office, which he says feels like a storage room, into a space where he can productively and happily work full-time. He currently uses the space one or two days a week and in the evenings. His dream is to pursue his startup full-time without paying the overhead costs for an external office.

We will work together to re-create the space so that helps him visualize his highest ambitions for his startup, support that goal, and clear the things that don’t serve him. We will also work on a daily routine that will help him structure his day for maximum productivity and one that will create a balance between time alone and time with others.

What kind of home office are you dreaming of as you read this? Could yours use a revision? Let’s work together to create it! 206-619-4143, or email me at lauren@organizedbyheart.com


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