Home Office in a Basket

This pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, but not all of us have designated home office space. I share mine with my youngest son. He has one wall with his toys, and I have one wall with my desk set-up. During normal times, this works great! I can work when he’s at school, and then when he’s home, it’s all his. Right now, we both want the space– he wants to be able to spread out and play as loudly as he wants, and I want it to be organized and quiet. Not the best coupling! So, I decided to create a home office in a basket so I can relocate my office space whenever I need a moment of peace.

I learned of this set-up as I hear of all my best ideas: from another mom on the playground, back when we could still gather there. She has four kids, and she often works from home. There’s not room in their home for her to have her own office, so she got out a basket and loaded it with all of her work things so she can carry it to wherever she wants to work! How genius is that?!

Here’s my home office in a basket:

home office in a basket

Here’s what I included in my basket:

Why it works

It’s the perfect home office set-up for me right now. I can still work from my desk if I want to, or I can take it to my room, outside on the deck, the kitchen bar counter, you name it! Plus, it’s a good exercise in getting clear on what I really need and want to work on vs. what I can let go. What will go in your basket? What are your biggest home office needs right now? Post it in the comments below!



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