4 Ways to Organize Your Gift-Wrapping Supplies

We may need the joy of giving and receiving more than ever this year! Here are 4 ways to organize your gift wrapping supplies so you can make space to wrap them with love.

Use vertical space:

Try a pegboard like this, which you can customize to fit your wrapping supplies without taking up a lot of space.

Designate a drawer:

If you prefer to use gift bags rather than wrapping paper, a deep drawer works well. I like to use a divider, so I have a boundary between gift bags and tissue paper. If you have a drawer that’s wide enough then you can also use it for wrapping rolls.

Try a cart:

This portable option from Target makes it possible to take your gift-wrapping station to any room in your home and store it in a closet when you’re done. They even make gift wrapping carts that hold rolls of wrapping paper!

Re-vamp a closet:

If you have the space, try transforming a little used closet into a wrapping station. Add a table and chair to make it comfy. Use bins to keep supplies organized. To see how I organized this wrapping closet from start to finish, check out my post here.

See more on my Pinterest Board:

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Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!


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