February Theme: Love Your Workout!

Hi Readers,

Through all the changes in the past ten years, one thing has stayed constant, and that’s my workout. I LOVE my workout! It’s there for me when I’m feeling stressed, tired, or blue, and it’s there for me when I’m over-the-moon-excited and energized. And, unlike the Met Market Cookie (which I also happen to love in all caps) my workout loves me right back!

So during this month of love, I thought why not celebrate the Workout?

Here’s what’s coming up on the blog this month:

1. Revitalize Your Home Workout

Seattle Personal Trainer and Orange Theory Fitness Coach Heather Sorenson will offer her tips for how to carve out time and space for an at-home workout, and share a circuit workout you can do when no one’s watching!

2. Ready, Set, Go!

When getting ready for the gym is easier, I’m more likely to go. I’ll share tips for how to organize a workout drawer, gym bag, and toiletry bag, and keep those ear buds from getting tangled.

3. The Workout Retreat

What if your workout could feel like an hour at the spa? It is totally possible! I’ll share some routine revisions to make your workout more relaxing and help acclimate your kids to childcare at the gym. Plus, I’ll post my favorite workout playlist and podcasts, as well as show you how to get free audiobooks sent right to your phone.

4. Change it up! The Workout Date

Like any long term relationship, workouts can get stale. This month, I’ll be stepping out on a workout adventure each week, and I’ll dish all about it at the month end.

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment with your best tips for how to love your workout, or one thing you struggle with when it comes to working out. I may include them in my weekly blog post!

I hope you’ll join me!

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