Eco Friendly Home Organizing Tips

This week I’m sharing Eco-Friendly Home Organizing Tips from my column in Northeast Seattle Living!

One of the things that first drew me to organizing was the desire to make our 1940’s Cape Cod work for our growing family, without buying anything new. I immediately realized the environmental benefit of this approach. Here are some of my best eco-friendly home organizing tips:


Our homes are easier to organize when we first eliminate what we don’t love and use. Decluttering also frees up containers and storage to use in other creative ways. Make it seamless by first sorting your items into categories of like with like.


I’ve used hanging shoe racks to store cleaning products, spices, kids’ toys, and office supplies. Wire baskets outfitted with dowel rods can artfully hold ribbon spools, washi tape, and thread for crafting, or they can be used to wrangle bath toys. Peg boards work well for tools and garage items, but also to create gift-wrapping stations, or family command centers. Use your imagination rather than feeling limited by pre-set organizing products.


Give your items a new life by donating them. One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is the easy Goodwill Donation drop-off near U. Village. Drive thru, and they’ll make sure your stuff finds its way to someone who will love.

Want to plan your own project?

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