Declutter to Empower Challenge Week 5: Make-Up Bag

This week, in the Declutter to Empower Challenge, let’s declutter those make-up bags, shall we?

About the assignment:

Once upon a time when I went to therapy, I told my therapist that I loved going to the gym because I could shower there without my kids barging in, and I could do my make-up in peace. And her response has always bugged me: “Yes, it can be nice to put on that armor before going into the day.”

Huh? I thought, “No, Lady. I’m telling you about a whole self-care routine that’s stacked with a habit of going to the gym. This is all good! This is me getting really healthy.” But instead, I just nodded and wondered if maybe she was right. Then I wondered if I should quit therapy.

Every time I look at my make-up bag I still think of that conversation. I need to let it go! Because for me, make-up isn’t armor, it’s fun! A pink lip in winter can lift my spirits just a like a bouquet of tulips from the market. It’s not something I always wear, and I feel fine without it. But when I wear it I feel good. However, when I looked into my make-up bag this week, I realized it had a lot of stuff in there that I don’t ever use or wear, and it’s time to declutter.

How it will help your routine:

Having only the make-up you wear every day in your bag will mean that your make-up routine is quick and easy. You don’t have to rummage for things you need, or push past what you don’t want. I like my whole routine to take 5 minutes or less.

Start Your Declutter!

First, sort your make-up products like with like:

I like to start by taking everything out of my bag to see what’s there, and then I sort it into categories of like with like. This is my go-to. Sorting helps me see that I have three different kinds of lipsticks/glosses when I really only wear one. If I pulled them out individually without sorting, I might get hung up on reasons why I should keep each one. It also shows me that I have somehow kept an empty mascara in my bag along with the already open new mascara. Why did I keep the old one? Who knows? This is why I need to declutter! It happens to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up.

Next, eliminate any products you don’t use daily:

I like to keep products that I use Mon-Fri in my bag because that’s when I workout and get ready at the gym. I really only use eyeliner, eye shadow, and certain lipsticks for rare nights out on the weekend. There’s no reason for these extra products to be in my bag. I like to keep these more specialty make-up products organized by type in a drawer in my bedroom vanity.

My favorite things to keep in my bag daily are: a BB cream for evening my skin tone, a bronzer for contouring my cheekbones, a make-up brush, an eyelash curler, mascara, and this amazing lip balm stick that magically changes the perfect shade of pink based on my PH. This stuff is like magic.

After that, clean your products and wash your make-up bag and brushes:

I love decluttering because it gives me a chance to wash everything and get a fresh start. My make-up bag and products can get dirty when I’m in a hurry. And when we’re putting something on our faces we want it to be clean, right? Because of my association with my old make-up bag, I’ve decided to get a new one. There’s something so fun about getting a new bag, don’t you think? Maybe you should get one too!

Now you’re ready for whatever’s next—no “armor” necessary.

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