Declutter to Empower Challenge Week 2: Desk

In Week 2 of the Declutter to Empower Challenge, we’ll declutter our desks. Don’t you just love a clean desk? Nothing makes me feel more confident to take on new goals than that.  An uncluttered desk makes me want to sit right down and do some work. It says, “Girrrl, you’re on it!” It leaves my mind free to be more creative, and my HEART free to say “Yes please!” to new challenges.

And though the holidays were just what I needed, they have caused me to neglect my desk. In fact, I’m having a hard time finding it under the massive pile of stuff. (Hellllll00000, desk? Are you there????)

Why declutter your desk? It’ll Free You Up to Shine Your Light!

I think the world needs us to have clean desks so we can shine our light and share our gifts, so this week in the Declutter to Empower Challenge, we’ll declutter our desks so we can do just that.

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Find out more about the Declutter to Empower Challenge here

And, now for the second assignment. Let’s go!

Week 2 Assignment: Declutter Your Desk

Action items:

Step 1: Gather

Grab a recycle bin, your filer and some post-its and a pen.

Step 2: Clear

Take everything off your desk. Even stuff you think you’ll want to put back. Take it all off!

Step 3: Sort

Go through and group all the stuff on your desk into piles of like with like on the floor, or a nearby table. Label these piles by putting a post-it note right in front of each pile. With mail, I like to sort that into bills, cards to save, coupons, etc.

Step 4: Do

It’s time to actually do the things you said you’d do later. Don’t worry, I’ll do them with you! Pay your bills, file your “to-file someday” items, cut your coupons, and put the things you want to return, donate, or fix in your car. Set a time to take care of those last car items so they don’t sit in there and become a second desk. Not that I speak from experience or anything.

Step 5: Shine

Get out the lemon pledge and shine that desk. I think you look a little brighter, too. Go share that glow, Girl.

Before I go, a word on grace

Now, before I go let’s just take a moment and give ourselves grace for having a cluttered desk. Perhaps, like me, you like to play a game called “I’ll do it later.” This involves walking around the house and picking up things in each room and putting them away. The catch is, when I get to things that require some kind of action, I just plop them on my desk. To do! Later. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this, and that means you aren’t either.

This is what mine looked like before I started:

decluttered desk

Decluttering is an ongoing process!

It’s highly likely that my desk will end up cluttered again in the future, and I’ll have to do this all over again. That’s life! Sometimes it’s nice to let down my hair, ski with my boys, and kick up my feet by the fire. The to-do’s will pile up, but when I’m ready, I’ll tackle them like a boss. So, my friend, will you!

Share your thoughts and reflections on this assignment

We’d love to hear your reflections on this process and see pictures if you have them! Post them in the comments, send them to me, or tag @organizedbyheart in your photos on Instagram or Facebook!

Happy Decluttering,


See the video tour of my decluttered desk!

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