Create a His & Hers Mudroom In a Closet

I was pinning coat closet solutions this week (Pinterest is my happy place), when one stopped me in my tracks! It was a mudroom in a closet and it called to me like a beacon. It said, “You need this!” And, “If you build it, your family will come, and put their stuff away!” As it happens, one of my clients was also looking for a solution for her entryway that would give items a home and keep things organized and defined. She wanted to walk in to her home and feel calm and unburdened. Read on to see how to create a his & hers mudroom in a closet– a fun spin on this idea. It makes for a happy entryway and a happy marriage!

Here’s the full picture:

his and hers coat closet

Don’t you just love having your own space? I think this is a marriage made in heaven. Let me walk you through what we did!

Client Wishlist:

  • Inviting entryway
  • His & hers coat, shoe, scarf and hat storage
  • Storage near drop zones: garage and front entry

Space Challenges:

  • There wasn’t a mudroom
  • No closet near front door
  • Not enough space for storage near the front door
  • The entryway hooks and shoe racks in the upstairs landing were overflowing. My client wanted them to be out of sight.

Closet Solutions:

  • We designated the closet near the garage entry as the mudroom, and designed it to contain the items that had overtaken the upstairs landing and shoe racks.
  • In order to keep things simple to use, we zoned the closet into his & hers sides:  one side for my client, and the other for her husband.
  • Next, we created a mudroom feel by making sure there was storage for coats, shoes, hats, gloves, etc. all in one place, and on different levels.
  • Finally, we re-purposed shoe racks and cute baskets from the entry to contain and zone the closet.

My client loved how it turned out, and so do I! I hope this gives you some ideas to try in your own closet. If you want more ideas, check out my post “How to Organize Your Entryway So You Love Coming Home”. Check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas! As always, if you liked this post, please share it! If you’d like my weekly newsletter, sign-up here:

Happy Organizing,