Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely During COVID

I’ve been strategizing with my family and all the moms I know, including our Pediatrician, to figure out the best way to celebrate this year! Here’s a short list of tips we’ve come up with to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID:

  1. Organize a costume parade for the kids in your neighborhood
  2. Set up a candy scavenger hunt in the backyard or in the house
  3. Gather your quaran-team for an outdoor pumpkin carving party
  4. Take treat bags to your friends with the ingredients to make caramel apples (a friend did this for us and I thought it was such a great idea! It came complete with candy eyeballs, sprinkles, and nuts.)
  5. Make goody bags for the kids and create a treasure hunt to find them
  6. Re-watch an old Halloween favorite. We recently saw Hocus Pocus, which was scarier and more fun than I remember!
  7. Incorporate a mask in to your costume

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!


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