A Trip to Newport Inspires this Month’s Blog Theme

Hello, May! Today, I’m writing from Newport, Rhode Island, home of over-the-top Gilded Age mansions (think gold plated walls, two storey butler’s pantries, and heart shaped staircases). This week, on a perfect sunny day, my husband and I took our time exploring the 3 1/2 mile cliff walk, which overlooks crashing waves on one side and mansions with acres of green lawn on the other. When we got to the end, I took off my Nikes and dipped my feet in sand that looked and felt exactly like cinnamon and sugar before plunging them into the icy, Turquoise Atlantic. My husband caught up on his Game of Thrones battle scene commentary. Both of us enjoyed a perfect moment doing exactly what we wanted.

On this trip, my husband and I have slept late—something we rarely do. We’ve had leisurely breakfasts at Belle’s, a local favorite in a shipyard busy with craftsman readying yachts for America’s Cup, without getting interrupted by our kids asking to use the bathroom as soon as the food arrives. We’ve stood, holding hands, in ballrooms with views of the ocean. It’s been just what we needed to reset and reconnect.

Time like this is hard to come by in this busy season of life. But, it’s not impossible. The time to reflect this week made me realize that I spend so much time organizing interior spaces, that I sometimes neglect to plan quality time with those I love. I want more of this time! It doesn’t have to mean flying across the country; it can be as simple as putting a date on the calendar to take the kids on a picnic, or meeting a friend for a glass of wine.

I’ll often crave a night out with a friend, but put off setting a date to meet. Or, I’ll wish I had more time with my husband but I’ll forget to hire a sitter and put a date on the calendar. Sound familiar? It’s easy to do when the demands of work, home, parenting, and exercising seem to take up all the minutes in a day. But when I make appointments, I keep them. So, the theme this month is Making it Happen: Planning and Prioritizing Quality Time.

This trip is my first appointment. My husband had a work conference in a place I’d always wanted to visit again, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together before his conference began. Thanks to my parents, who are graciously caring for our children this week, the two of us got to make it happen!

I’m so glad I put this on the calendar, and I’m excited about what’s next. Stay tuned for a month of ideas featuring inspiration for planning quality time with those you love! Build your own mama fun day, plan a staycation with your best friends, create a rotating date night that makes you both happy, and start a magical weekly family movie night right at home. I hope you’ll join me.

And, before you go, check out some other pictures of Newport:

Rosecliff Mansion

The Chinese Tea Room at Marblehouse

The heart shaped staircase at Rosecliff Mansion

A two storey pantry at The Breakers Mansion! Can you imagine?

Alva Vanderbilt’s bedroom at Marblehouse

View from the cliff walk

To what may bloom,

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