A DIY Facial Recipe Using 3 Pantry Essentials

Are you in need of a little self-care?

So am I! There’s an energy to fall that makes me want to spice up my wardrobe, kick up my workout, and dig in to learning something new. It makes me want to feel restored after a busy summer, and become a new Lauren!

If you’re feeling the same way, maybe you’re wondering how to do it without spending a small fortune? If so, follow me to the pantry where I will show you how to use 3 essentials to whip up a dreamy facial that you can put on your calendar each week after the kids go to sleep. It’s just the thing for the fall uplift you crave.


First, let’s go to the kitchen! (P.S. when you walk in, just ignore those dishes, and go straight to the pantry goods:  the baking soda, the honey, the pretty yellow lemon.)


Second, get out your most favorite bowl– The one you reserve for chocolate peanut butter ice cream after a hard day, and mix these into a paste:

-Juice from 1/2 a lemon

-1 tablespoon baking soda (add more if you want it thicker)

-1 teaspoon honey


After that, head to the bathroom, light a candle with a scent you love (lavender? pumpkin spice?) and put on your favorite chill music. I’m loving Death Cab for Cutie’s album Thank You for Today. I will forget that the concert where I recently saw them was cancelled mid show due to lightning. Those four songs I did see were heaven!


Wash your face with cleanser and rinse with hot water and a soft washcloth– I like to sit down and put the wash cloth over my face for two minutes to steam open my pores. It feels soooo good! If you put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your washcloth it makes it even better.


Finally, in circular motions, spread this mask gently onto your skin. It should feel tingly but not burning. Let it sit for a five minutes while you listen to “Autumn Love” and dream of pumpkin spice lattes and curling up with a good book in front of the fire.

Now, wash your mask and all your tension down the drain. Look at how beautiful you are! Put on some moisturizer and fall into a deep, restorative sleep.

I hope you have an amazing week. Leave a comment and let me know you how you like this recipe, or share one of your own with our community!  If you loved this post, please share it on facebook, or Pinterest! You might also like this post on DIY Facials or my posts Why Is Self-Care So Hard and You Don’t Have to Suffer to Be Worthy–4 Ways to Embrace Healing.

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