3 Multi-Use Closet Organizers Under $10

I’m a huge fan of re-purposing. I like it because it helps us use what we have rather than accumulating more stuff, and it also helps people customize their space to work for them. Specialty organizing devices and gadgets can limit what’s possible because they often have a set use, and a set number of spaces and we’re not all alike! But sometimes something new is needed to make the space work, and when this happens I love to look for organizers that can do double or even triple duty in a space. Here are 3 multi-use closet organizers I love for $10 or less.

#1: The belt/accessory hook

belt and accessory hook

This little lovely works for everything from purses, to neckties. I’ve used it to hang my belts, scarves, grocery totes and more. It keeps things off the floor, off the shelves, and organized at eye level. The best part is, it’s only $1! You won’t be sorry you bought this. In fact, you may want more.

#2: A hanging shelf unit

hanging shelf organizer

Do your sweaters get all mixed up and flop over on the top shelf of your closet? Do your pants end up on the foot of your bed? Enter the hanging shelf unit. You can use it to organize those pants and sweaters so they have a boundary and they’re right where you can see them. I’ve used mine in my kids’ closet, to contain shoes, and even to contain toy bins. The best part is they take no assembly and they can be moved from closet to closet easily. Put it in the center of your closet to separate your shirts from your dresses, or put it off to the side. One client used it to organize her boys’ outfits Monday-Friday. Each slot held an outfit for that day. How genius is that! You can get this one on amazon for less than $10!

#3: Over-the-Door Shoe Holder

shoe organizer

We all know about this one—it works well to wrangle, well, shoes! But did you know it also works to hold socks, underwear, bras, jewelry, and other accessories for your wardrobe and hair? Get a clear one so you can see what’s inside and you won’t even have to label. Try using each slot to organize your accessories for every day of the week. You’ll have so much fun! It will free up drawer space and if you install in on the inside of your door it’ll stay out of sight. I’ve also used it to organize kids toys. Amazing!

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Happy closet organizing!


P.S. Want more organizing tips + ideas? Sign up for our newsletter and receive the 5 Step Guide to Organize any Space!