3 Organizing Tips I’ve Learned from Clients

Organizing works best as a collaborative process. Time and time again I find that clients know what they want, and the types of organization that will work best for their family. They really just need me to help them make it happen, motivate them, guide them, and show them how to use what they have in ways they may not have thought of before! We work together to bring their vision to life. In the process, I often learn new organizing strategies and ideas that I can pass on and use. Today, I want to share 3 organizing tips I’ve learned from clients!

Tip # 1: Stuffy Bean Bag Tip

Stuffy bean bag

Is your child’s bed also a mini-zoo? When you go to tuck them in do you have to move twenty stuffed animals out of the way first, or kick past a few on your way to the bed? I know I do! This is a common complaint for many parents. To solve it, one client told me she bought a bean bag shell and filled it with her daughter’s stuffed animals. How genius is that?! Her daughter got to keep his or her stuffies AND have a place to sit to boot!  I just loved this idea. Sadly for me, my son did not agree. He said he would never want to sit on his stuffed animals because it would hurt them. My client’s daughter, on the other hand, loved this idea and it still works for her. If stuffed animals are a problem in your home, see what your kids think of this idea!

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Tip # 2: Paperless Notebook Tip


Are you a bullet journal/notebook lover? Do you like to buy colorful pens to go along with those notebooks? Do you lose to-do lists and notes often? For me, it’s a yes to all of the questions above! Imagine my delight when one client told me about the Rocketbook. This little dandy comes with dot grid pages for bullet journaling, can be erased with water and reused again and again, and you can upload all of your pages to the cloud or your email, where they can be translated into text, and organized into their correct folders! Amazing, amazing, amazing. The only thing I don’t love about it is that the paper feels too slippery and doesn’t have the same tactile quality as real paper. I also think it has a kind of masculine, techy look to it. In other words, it’s not cute. Rocketbook, if you are listening, can you make your design cuter? A hybrid of my favorite planner and the Rocketbook would be just the thing for me. In the meantime, I’m having a ton of fun with it despite its utilitarian look.

Tip # 3: Kardashian Shoe Tip

nested shoes

Since becoming an organizer, something very interesting has happened:  I’ve been compared to Kim Kardashian! Now, if you know me, you would know that under no circumstances would I normally be compared to her. Let’s just say our figures are nothing alike, sad as it is for me. But, apparently curvaceous Kim was at one time a professional organizer, and she had a shoe technique that a client of mine swears by. Instead of setting your shoes side by side on the shelf, you turn one backward and nest it into the arch of the other shoe. It creates space for one or two extra pairs on your shelf! I tried it, and I’m never going back. It also gives my shoes a very feminine, still-in-the-shoebox, look that makes me happy.

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P.S. Want more organizing tips + ideas? Sign up for our newsletter and receive the 5 Step Guide to Organize any Space!