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Meet Seattle Professional Organizer, Lauren Fink Shea

Together, we’ll work side-by-side to clarify your goals + values, and bring them to life in your organized space!

Re-Purpose + Customize

I’ll show you how to use what you have to create sustainable, custom organizing systems that work for you. >> Learn More

Stay Organized

Using skills and methods honed over 10+ years teaching at the college level, I will effectively help you break-through the biggest myths of organizing. >> Learn More

Feel Empowered

I designed the H.E.A.R.T. organizing method to empower you to make space for what you love. >> Learn More


“I love the element of surprise and discovery in organizing. The unused wire basket transforms into a ribbon holder for a wrapping closet, the unit that once contained Legos becomes the new home for craft supplies, the matching bins collecting dust in the garage actually fit the pantry perfectly. This is the magic I love! Through re-purposing, we find our purpose. Through organizing, we find we had what we needed all along.” — Lauren Fink Shea

What Clients Love about Working with Me

“I’d organized my art room many times, but I didn’t have a system to keep it organized. Lauren helped me rethink, define, purge and set up a manageable system according to my values and needs. She asked great questions and got to the essence of what I wanted.  She helped me repurpose existing furniture to create space, a sense of calm, and increase productivity.  I appreciated her ability to think outside the box, keep me encouraged and on task.  The end result is freedom from clutter, unwanted things, and a space that reflects my individuality!”

— Diane S., Ballard, Seattle

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